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Back Pain Treatment From Your Chiropractor in Sauk Rapids

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Back pain can make sleeping, standing and performing everyday tasks a painful and unpleasant experience. As your chiropractor in Sauk Rapids, we offer a variety of all-natural back pain treatments for patients experiencing discomfort. Whether you're experiencing chronic back pain or pain from a recent injury, we can help.

Let Us Find Your Causes of Back Pain in Waite Park and Central MN

There are many reasons that patients may experience back pain in Sauk Rapids, St Cloud, Waite Park and Central MN. Some of the most common reasons that people experience back pain include:

  • Injuries from poor twisting and lifting techniques
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Poor ergonomics
  • Sciatica
  • Subluxations


Chiropractic Adjustments For Your Back Pain in Sauk Rapids

At Spinal Rehab Clinic in Sauk Rapids MN, we administer spinal adjustment to help our patients manage their back pain. Spinal adjustment is a technique we use to realign the vertebrae and reduce pressure on the spinal cord. In addition to helping patients manage their pain, spinal adjustment helps improve communication between the brain and the rest of the body. In time, these adjustments can help the body heal itself. By improving the functioning of the central nervous system, spinal adjustment helps ensure that all the systems of the body are functioning properly.

Other Chiropractic Treatments For Back Pain

Spinal adjustment may be the cornerstone of chiropractic care, but there are many other chiropractic treatments for back pain that we perform, including:

Massage therapy. Massage therapy is a technique that we use to loosen tense muscles and improve circulation. Massage therapy is especially effective for back pain caused by stress.

Therapeutic stretches and exercises. We teach our patients to do stretches and exercises that can help them warm up their muscles before engaging in physical activity. Doing stretches and exercises can ensure proper muscle flexibility, which can prevent injuries and accidents. In addition, stretches and exercises can help patients avoid muscle strain, which can cause muscle soreness.

Lifestyle advice. Sometimes our patients experience back pain because of specific habits and behaviors that cause muscle strain. Our lifestyle advice helps correct these behaviors to prevent patient pain.

Nutrition counseling. Our nutrition counseling services help patients maintain a healthy weight, thus reducing pressure on the joints and muscles of the back. Eating properly can also help our patients stay active, which is good for the back and other muscles of the body.

Contact Our Sauk Rapids Chiropractor for Chiropractic Care

At Spinal Rehab Clinic we're your source for low back pain relief in St Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Wait Park and Central MN. As your chiropractor serving the surrounding areas of Sauk Rapids, we offer all natural, gentle chiropractic care to treat your back pain. All of our techniques are non-invasive.

Whether you're experiencing pain from an injury or chronic low back pain, we can help. Contact our Sauk Rapids chiropractor to make an appointment for natural pain relief, contact us at 320-227-3527.


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